Rabbi Yoel Schwartz issues a public note of reprimand for Rabbi David Katz and his chiddush dat of ‘ger’

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Rabbi Weiner, author of The Divine Code, issues an open letter denouncing Rabbi Katz and Rabbi Clorfene's chiddush dat of 'ger'.

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An open letter by prominent rabbis concerning the teachings of Rabbis David Katz & Chaim Clorfene on the modern "ger" faction.

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A couple of notes on Rosh HaShanah, commonly known as the Jewish New Year, and what Noahides may do to celebrate.

We'd like to challenge you to meet the following three goals every day. Let us know how it goes!

Why do we suffer, whether we're good or bad? Do we know? Do we need to know? Should we know?

Join Rabbi Bar-Ron and Archaeologist David Rohl on a live class for Noahides and Jews on January 14, 2017 discussing the historical reliability of the Torah narrative from the perspective of New Chronology.

Public menorah lighting ceremony in front of the Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, Canada.

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